Sapporo Photo Tour: Raccoon Lane Arcade – 狸小路 商店街

Raccoon Lane (Tanuki Kouji) is a 7 block long covered shopping arcade (全蓋アーケード) in Sapporo.  Except for the westernmost block (7-chome), the current structure dates to 1982 (Note 1), and it has been fully covered since 1960 (Note 2).

The arcade runs parallel to Odori Park (five blocks south of the park):

Tanuki Koji - 狸小路 - Map - 500 ft scale


The arcade also ties into an underground pedestrian space which runs one mile north-south, from Susukino Station at the south end, through Odori Station, and continuing all the way to Sapporo Station:

Sapporo Underground - Scale 200 ft


Traveling west to east (and looking east-wards):

Tanuki Koji - 狸小路7丁目- West End Tanuki Koji - 狸小路6丁目 - West Side Tanuki Koji - 狸小路5丁目 Tanuki Koji - 狸小路4丁目 Tanuki Koji - 狸小路3丁目 Tanuki Koji - 狸小路2丁目 Tanuki Koji - 狸小路1丁目


And having exited the east end, looking back (west-wards) at the arcade:

Tanuki Koji - 狸小路1丁目 - East End (looking west)


Raccoon Alley Mascot

This is the mascot (from



Tanuki Kouji in Winter

This is 4-chome in winter, facing Sapporo Mae Dori (from



The incredible density of commerce in the immediate neighborhood of the arcade can be seen in this map, which shows only major landmarks, and not the ~200 stores inside the arcade (from

Tanuki Kouji Feature Map

We see that the arcade is served by 3 subway lines, 2 trolley lines, and approximately 20 hotels.



Notes 1 & 2 are quoted from the arcade’s official website:

Note 1: “現在のアーケードは二代目(昭和57年完成、一部を除く)”

Note 2: “鈴蘭灯に続く狸小路の顔となった全蓋アーケードは、1958(昭和33)年に狸小路3丁目に設置されたのを皮切りに、1960(昭和35)年の狸小路2丁目の完成をもって、狸小路1〜7丁目の街路が屋根付きとなり「横のデパート」と呼ばれました。 “


One thought on “Sapporo Photo Tour: Raccoon Lane Arcade – 狸小路 商店街

  1. I am very much enjoy the quality of your blog posting. You so much have a knowledge about our Japan. I hope we can talk some about Racoon lane! I very love the racooon mascot to^^



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