Kobe: Itayado Arcades (板宿商店街)

Itayado Hon-dori (板宿本通) runs north from Itayado Station, and together with a number of branch arcades, it connects 18 city blocks with a continuous glass roof (with the proviso that Shin-machi-dori is not fully connected, strictly speaking).

At ~640 feet long, Itayado Hon-dori is one of the shortest arcades in Kobe.  Altogether, this group of arcades has a combined length of only ~1900 feet.  And yet, as this map shows, these arcades contain over 150 shops (not even including Shin-machi-dori).

It takes ~20 minutes to walk from these arcades to Taisho-suji arcade (map here).

area map macro

Itayado Kohnin (板宿公認市場), Itayado Nambu (板宿南部), and Shin-machi-dori (新町通) run parallel to Itayado Hon-dori.

Gin-ei Street (銀英通), Itayado Seibu (板宿西部市場), and Itayado Center Street (板宿センター街) run orthogonal to Itayado Hon-dori.

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This screenshot shows the entrance to Gin-ei Street from Itayado Hon-dori:

looking N near 西口1


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