Amagasaki High Line 尼崎ハイライン(立体遊歩道)

Amagasaki’s High Line* is a raised pedestrian plaza, with direct connections to neighboring buildings at sky level, and multiple public stairs and elevators.

It runs approximate 1300 feet (1/6 the length of NYC’s High Line), from Hanshin Amagasaki Station (阪神尼崎駅) at the west end to the Amagasaki Cultural Center at the north end.  Its total surface area is just over 3 acres.

aerial view closer

Immediately west of the High Line is an extensive network of arcades (商店街), shown here in green (the High Line is shown in yellow).  These arcades total approximately one mile in length.

aerial view

This access map is from the website of the Amagasaki Cultural Center (arcades highlighted in green, High Line in yellow):


Here is the High Line entrance facing Hanshin Amagasaki Station (photo from sawacello):

view from station

Here is a local tourist map showing the arcades in yellow:

arcades west of Hanshin Amagasaki


*On Japanese maps, it is referred to as “立体遊歩道” (sometimes it is called “立体歩道橋”, but I think that term is better for structures such as the pedestrian sky-bridge at Abeno Harukasu).  I have rendered this as “High Line” instead of the more literal “3D promenade”.


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