The Shibuya You Don’t Know

Stock photos and televised clips of Shibuya usually depict only the iconic scramble intersection, but there is a lot more to this central Tokyo neighborhood. In fact, in Shibuya’s liveliest commercial districts, you never have to wait to cross the street (these are the “Nightlife Alleys” described in The Hierarchy of Japanese Streets). The following screenshots from Walking in Shibuya at night by Rambalac reveal a true pedestrian … Continue reading The Shibuya You Don’t Know

Directions to IHJ (International House of Japan)

I have two recommendations for walking to the International House of Japan (IHJ): A 10 minute scenic tour. A 10 minute mole tour (if you want to minimize your time outdoors). The scenic option offers a complete crash course in walkable urbanism, hidden in the most mundane details. As I have written elsewhere, most of our knowledge about how to build a walkable city has yet … Continue reading Directions to IHJ (International House of Japan)

Walkable City – Jiyugaoka (自由が丘)

  Jiyugaoka is one of five major town centers in Tokyo’s Meguro ward (目黒区), which is one of the city’s most densely populated wards, with 49,000 people per square mile. The two train stations which intersect here boast combined daily boardings of approximately 150,000 passengers (CBRE data). This commercial nucleus features a tremendous number of storefronts, all within a 6 minute walk of Jiyugaoka Station:     … Continue reading Walkable City – Jiyugaoka (自由が丘)

Nagoya: Bus Terminal (Oasis 21) 栄バスターミナル(オアシス21)

“Oasis 21” is an enclosed bus terminal attached to an open-air shopping center.  It is located at the intersection of two major subway lines (and the terminus of a third), and is directly connected to the large underground malls of the Sakae area (e.g. 森の地下街、クリスタル広場). It is a “3D” station, with four layers.  From top to bottom: A publicly accessible glass roof.  This “Spaceship-Aqua” is covered in water, save … Continue reading Nagoya: Bus Terminal (Oasis 21) 栄バスターミナル(オアシス21)

諸駅網(しょ えき もう)

同名異駅(それよりも連結の諸駅)が複数集まれているの現象は日本では珍しくない。それどころか、同名・連結の諸駅は日本の特徴である。 「三宮駅」って、いったい何を示しているか。「三宮」と言うの駅は、6つもあるよ。 西神・山手線の「三宮」 阪急神戸線の「神戸三宮」 JR神戸線の「三ノ宮」 ポートライナーの「三宮」 阪神本線の「神戸三宮」 海岸線の「三宮・花時計前」 特定の一つの駅ではなく、その連結領域を示したいの場合、いかにはっきり区別できるか。「諸駅網」と言うの用語を提案する。話し言葉で「もろもろ えき の あみ」と言います。 諸駅網の代表的な例: 三宮 梅田 渋谷 新宿 池袋     Continue reading 諸駅網(しょ えき もう)