Kobe Photo Tour: Kitano-cho (北野町)

“…asked whether it was not all a dream… It was all so wonderful that I do not know how to describe this first glimpse of things never heard of, seen or dreamed of before…” ~Bernal Diaz del Castillo Today’s photo tour brings us to beautiful Kitano-cho (北野町) on the north edge of Kobe, where city meets mountain.  Not only is it one of Japan’s most … Continue reading Kobe Photo Tour: Kitano-cho (北野町)

Sapporo Photo Tour: Raccoon Lane Arcade – 狸小路 商店街

Raccoon Lane (Tanuki Kouji) is a 7 block long covered shopping arcade (全蓋アーケード) in Sapporo.  Except for the westernmost block (7-chome), the current structure dates to 1982 (Note 1), and it has been fully covered since 1960 (Note 2). The arcade runs parallel to Odori Park (five blocks south of the park): . The arcade also ties into an underground pedestrian space which runs one mile … Continue reading Sapporo Photo Tour: Raccoon Lane Arcade – 狸小路 商店街