Taiping Street in Liuzhou

With a total of 42 storefronts on this ~119 meter section, Taiping Street has a linear storefront density of ~353 / km (~568 / mile). Continue reading Taiping Street in Liuzhou

Measuring Prosperity – Wealth per Sqkm

[all infographics screencapped from WalkScore.com] These examples show that measured amenity density is quite sensitive to the radius used, but this sensitivity is still insignificant compared to the large differences in prosperity (wealth density) between cities. Redwing, Minnesota: 3 restaurants within 0.05 miles = 147 / sqkm 8 restaurants within 0.1 miles = 98.3 restaurants / sqkm  (Downtown Redwing) 13 restaurants within 0.4 miles = … Continue reading Measuring Prosperity – Wealth per Sqkm