Fractal Order: Organic Cities vs Mechanical Cities

Fractal-like networks effectively endow life with an additional fourth spatial dimension. This is the origin of quarter-power scaling that is so pervasive in biology. Organisms have evolved hierarchical branching networks that terminate in size-invariant units, such as capillaries […] Natural selection has tended to maximize both metabolic capacity, by maximizing the scaling of exchange surface areas, and internal efficiency, by minimizing the scaling of transport distances … Continue reading Fractal Order: Organic Cities vs Mechanical Cities

Narrow Streets Index

For a very thorough and extremely well illustrated explanation of the advantages of narrow streets, please see these definitive posts by A.A. Price: Human-Scale Streets and Narrow Streets. A.A. Price’s posts demonstrate viscerally the aesthetic value of narrow streets.  But how can we quantify this quality? First, we must look at what we mean by street width; does it refer to the width of the road itself, or the … Continue reading Narrow Streets Index