Kobe Foreign Settlement (神戸・旧居留地)

Map from feel-kobe.jp  [red marker added] Analysis of the Foreign Settlement area SW of Sannomiya Stataion.  Not to be confused with the Kitano Ijinkan Area. The Foreign Settlement occupies a roughly 1/3 square kilometer (80 acre) area SW of Sannomiya; basically the whole area between the Center-Gai arcades and Kaigan-Dori (the wide surface avenue running along the coast). Notable characteristics of the Foreign Settlement: – Wide sidewalks and … Continue reading Kobe Foreign Settlement (神戸・旧居留地)

Nagano Chuo-Dori

The streets above are highlighted hierarchically as follows: – Magenta:    Covered arcades and open-air shopping streets (de-facto car free). – Magenta block on right side:  Gondo subway station (長野電鉄・権堂駅).  The large building on the west side is a station-direct-linked (駅直結) supermarket & department store. – Cyan:           Quasi-SLOW street. – Red:             “Busy” Boulevards. – Orange:    … Continue reading Nagano Chuo-Dori