Tokyo Photo Tour: Ebisu Skywalk (恵比寿スカイウォーク) from Ebisu Garden Place

Have you ever wondered why moving sidewalks are confined to airports?  Why aren’t there any moving sidewalks leading to the train station?

In Ebisu, there are.

This tour starts in spectacular Ebisu Garden Place, spins around a bit to take in the view, and then proceeds north along the Ebisu Skywalk to Ebisu Station (JR Yamanote).

Hill Road Promenade and Center Plaza - looking south.
Ebisu Garden Place: Hill Road Promenade and Center Plaza – looking south (technically south-east).  Note that Center Plaza (the area under the glass roof) is itself at basement level.

If we back up about 250 feet, we see this:

Entrance Pavilion - view from north
Entrance Pavilion – north side.

Walking forward again, and turning to the right:

Ebisu Garden Place - Entrance Pavilion from east
Ebisu Garden Place – straight ahead is Sapporo Beer Station, and to the right is Entrance Pavilion.

Moving forward and around Entrance Pavillion:

Ebisu Garden Place - Entrace Pavillion from south
Entrance Pavillion – south side (looking north).  Notice the escalators.

If we return to the front, and take the escalators down, we reach the underground mall which connects the whole Garden Place complex:

Bottom of escalators - looking east
Bottom of escalators – looking east.  If we go straight ahead and turn right, we can reach Center Plaza, passing  Mitsukoshi and Bugatti on the way.  The tunnel mall continues on past Center Plaza, all the way to The Westin Tokyo.


Bottom of escalators - looking west
Bottom of escalators – looking west.

Walking westwards from the escalators:

JR Yamanote tracks straight ahead out the window.  This corridor leads north, parallel to the tracks.  If we follow this corridor, we will cross under the avenue on the north side of the Garden Place complex, and arrive at the south end of the Ebisu Skywalk.

On the surface, directly above the previous photo:

Looking north.  The south entrance to Ebisu Skywalk is straight ahead.

Walking forward 100 feet:

just south of south end of Skywalk
The boxy green structure across the street is the entrance to Ebisu Skywalk.  Note the railings between street and sidewalk.

Crossing the avenue:

The south entrance to Ebisu Skywalk.


Skywalk exterior.  Looking south.

Inside the Skywalk

Inside the boxy green structure.  It also holds an elevator for reaching the underground arcade from Ebisu Garden Place.
Inside the boxy green structure. It also holds an elevator for reaching the tunnel to Ebisu Garden Place.  Straight ahead: moving sidewalks. #動く歩道
Inside the Ebisu Skywalk.
Inside the Ebisu Skywalk.

The Skywalk is basically straight, save for these two jogs (in the section where the Skywalk passes through the アトレ/Atre parking ramp):

jog 1
South end of parking ramp.

Note the reduced ceiling height and absence of windows inside the parking ramp.

jog 2
North end of parking ramp.

And we finally reach Ebisu Station (JR Yamanote):

North end of Skywalk.
North end of Skywalk.


North end exterior.
North end exterior.


Ebisu Station SE Entrance
JR Ebisu Station, south-east entrance (the closest entrance to the north end of Ebisu Skywalk.


Ebisu Station SE Entrance - Skywalk on Left
Another view of the south-east entrance – Skywalk on left.


Map Scale 500 ft
Ebisu Area Map.  500 foot scale.  Note that Ebisu Station on the Hibiya line, as well as parts of the Ebisu Garden Place complex (e.g. the Garden Hall & The Westin Tokyo) are technically located in Meguro, not Ebisu.
Satellite view of the same area.
Satellite view of the same area.  Ebisu Skywalk highlighted in green, JR Ebisu Station and Ebisu Garden Place complex highlighted in blue.

A hand drawn map of the complex (with south at the top):

Map from:
Map from:

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