The “Nagoya Corner”

How can we maximize safety at the intersection of two one-way streets?

This is already one of the safest types of intersections.  But there is a simple way to virtually eliminate wrong-way turns: the “Nagoya Corner”.
I give this name to a technique, employed in the Nishiki (錦) district of Nagoya, whereby two corners of an intersection are “squared off”.

The addition of some paint (and/or resin poles) creates an intersection with two square corners and two round corners.
It is visually obvious to drivers which way they are allowed to turn.  In fact, with bollards & narrow one lane streets, they will find it virtually impossible to turn the wrong way.

Nagoya corner streetview

Photo above:  The white car makes what is clearly the only legal turn.  At the intersection of Denmacho and Shichikencho (伝馬町通り & 七間町通).

Other nearby half-squared intersections in Nagoya:

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Seven half-squared intersections in Nishiki ward are highlighted below in red (The ellipse on the right side is Oasis 21):

highlighted cornered intersections in Nishiki



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