Cityscape: Taipei – West of Taipower Station

First of all, why “west of Taipower station” instead of “around Taipower station”?  The answer reveals a key difference between stations in Taiwan (and perhaps most of the world) and stations in Japan.

In a word, Taipower station is a means, not an end.  It’s a way to get from A to B, not a destination in and of itself.  The station is not a “station city” like Sannomiya, Shinjuku, or Wangsimni.  The minimal attractions of the station do not outweigh the 7 lane avenue that runs above it, almost dividing the west and east into two separate neighborhoods:

Taipower Station - Exits 2 and 1
Seven lane Roosevelt Road above Taipower Station – exit 2 on the left (east) and exit 1 on the right (west)

The neighborhood which I refer to here as “west of Taipower station” is defined very crisply by Roosevelt Road (7 lanes), Shida Road (6 lanes), Xinhai Road (8 lanes + immense median), and Tingzhou Road (10 lanes):

Taipei West of Taipower - 200 ft scale
Taipei West of Taipower – 200 ft scale

Here is a view looking north-east along Shida Road, where it intersects with Roosevelt Road:

Taipower Station - Exits 4 and 5
Six lane Shida Road – Taipower exits 4 and 5 are visible on the left and right, respectively

Luckily for the residents, this small neighborhood has all the creature comforts:

  • 1 konbini (Hi Life)
  • 1 petrol station (CPC)
  • 1 mosque
  • 1 church
  • 1 small park (appears unused, very plain; just grass and trees)
  • etc, etc…

A detailed list of shops and stores on 3 of the neighborhood’s 11 blocks:

The enterprises on the block containing the mosque:

  • A dry-cleaner’s
  • A dental clinic
  • A coffee shop (Hi Cafe)
  • A konbini (Hi Life)
  • Vieworld (“vide and music living mart”)
  • Profi-car scooter shop (“used new buy sell / repair / maintain”)
  • Tokyo Sakura (“an Indonesian shop”)
  • Zoo (“bar & bistro”)
  • Daja Juice (fruit juice)
  • A food store (食品)

The enterprises on the extra small block between exit 1 and the mosque:

  • A locksmith
  • Mr. Rich (“original brand men’s design quality clothing” open 2pm-10pm)
  • Just Pet (a general store for pets)
  • Loop Music Studio (shows up on Google Maps, but is not visible in Street View)

The enterprises facing Shida Road on the block containing exit 5:

  • A science cram school (科学小芽子)
  • A cooking school? (Joy in Kitchen)
  • A second hand bookstore (SPBook)
  • A protestant church
  • A coin-op laundry
  • A digital image center(数位影像?出中心)
  • A specialty shop for “women’s outdoors products” (女性户外用品专门店)
  • A dental clinic for the aged (长龄牙医诊所)
  • A gym
  • An upscale ice cream and snack cafe (平安京茶事)
Shops facing Shida Road
Shops facing Shida Road (Taipower station exit 5 on left, behind map).  Only 2 of these 10 businesses show up on Google Maps.

Which is not bad for a neighborhood that can be walked end to end in 6 minutes:

6 minutes
From CPC petrol station at the west end to Taipower station exit 1 at the east end: 5 or 6 minutes
From Taipower station exit 5 at the north end to the intersection of Tingzhou and Xinhai at the south end: 5 minutes

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