Nagoya: Bus Terminal (Oasis 21) 栄バスターミナル(オアシス21)

“Oasis 21” is an enclosed bus terminal attached to an open-air shopping center.  It is located at the intersection of two major subway lines (and the terminus of a third), and is directly connected to the large underground malls of the Sakae area (e.g. 森の地下街、クリスタル広場).

It is a “3D” station, with four layers.  From top to bottom:

  • A publicly accessible glass roof.  This “Spaceship-Aqua” is covered in water, save for the walkable rim.  The view from the top is amazing at night.
  • A “field of green”which slopes up from street level on the west side to sky level on the east side.
  • A modern bus terminal, serving both city and inter-city buses.
  • 30 shops arranged around “Milky Way Plaza”.  The shops include: 3 “cute mascot” stores, 3 boutique clothing stores, a full service konbini,  8 ‘fancy’ restaurants, 3 cafes, a McDonalds, a pastry shop, an ice-cream shop, a travel agency (specializing in honeymoons), and 2 telecom service shops.

Multiple public and private bus lines are served by the Oasis 21 terminal:  (from

bus routes map

Departure times are displayed digitally.  Gate 8 shown here: (from

departure time clock

The bus terminal is immediately adjacent & directly connected to 3 subway lines:

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The area is well connected by underground malls:

underground mall

And those underground malls are alive with commerce (note also the maps and wayfinding signs!):

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Kikuko’s “Love Nagoya; Know Nagoya” lists dozens of hotels near the various exits.





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