Kobe High Line 神戸の臨港線

The backbone of the Kobe High Line* is an old elevated railroad track (the Harbor Line / 臨港線), now converted into a pedestrian promenade.  It has been expanded with a new pedestrian overpass (歩道橋) that connects it directly to the Kobe Waterfront and Hanshin Kasuganomichi Station (阪神春日野道駅).

The aerial view below shows covered arcades in green, pedestrian bridges and elevated promenades in yellow, and rail stations in red:

  • Hanshin Kasuganomichi (阪神春日野道) on the left.
  • JR Nada (JR灘) in the top right.
  • Hanshin Iwaya (阪神岩屋) in the upper right (4 minute walk south from JR Nada).

highlighted Happy Active Town High Line

The following map shows covered arcades in green, pedestrian bridges in blue, the Harbor Line elevated promenade in purple, and rail stations in red (including Hankyu Kasuganomichi in the upper left):

highlighted HAT area map

Here is a local wayfinding map photographed by Hitoshi Takagi, showing the High Line in teal, pedestrian bridges in pink, and elevated rail stations in orange (the two Hanshin stations are hard to see):臨港線 photo by Hitoshi Takagi

Here are some photos of the new pedestrian bridge (connecting the High Line to the Kobe Waterfront):

And here are some photos of the former rail section (臨港線):

*I use the term “Kobe High Line” for this connected network of 臨港線遊歩道 and 歩道橋.  None of the maps I found represent them with a single name, although they are functionally well integrated.

Additional Readings:

  • A thesis on Happy Active Town (the redevelopment area south of the High Line).
  • A blog about the conversion of the old rail tracks to a pedestrian promenade.
  • A blog about a public event which takes place on/around the High Line.

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