Sasebo – 佐世保

Sasebo is a small city with a vibrant commercial core.  Most stores and businesses are within a couple blocks of the 20 minute walk shown below:

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The main commercial area is unified by a continuously roofed arcade (全蓋アーケード) fully three fifths of a mile in length.  It is managed by two Shotengai Associations.

Sankacho (aka Sun Plaza) in the NW half:


Yonkacho in the SE half:

This is just part of the full map (about 1/6).

The following diagram shows downtown Sasebo on the left side:

  • green = covered shopping arcades
  • orange = pedestrian street
  • orange outline = slow street (where curves have been added to road to slow down cars)
  • red outline = extra wide sidewalks linking commercial core to JR Sasebo Station
  • magenta outline = walkable area (accessible without crossing any wide roads)


NW end of the shopping arcade:


The arcade roof passing over a park:


The SE end of the shopping arcade:




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