Street Hierarchy: Kitano

Sannomiya to Weathercock House map12 min walk from Hankyu Sannomiya to Weathercock HouseThe Kitano-ijinkan area is a unique historic neighborhood located in the foothills near Sannomiya Station.  This post covers a neighborhood including parts of Kitano-cho (北野町), Yamamoto-Dori (山本通), and Naka-Yamate-Dori (中山手通).

Kitano Highlighted AerialThe streets above are highlighted hierarchically as follows:
– Magenta:     A pedestrian plaza and shopping street, with high density of tourists.
– Cyan:            Single Lane One Way (minimal road width, maximum sidewalk width).
– Red:             “Busy” Boulevards.
– Orange:       “Quiet” Boulevards.
– Yellow:        Woonerfs & Narrow Streets.
– Green:         Laneways.  Only a fraction (2/3?) are highlighted.
Purple structure in lower right: a large pedestrian overpass.

Note that the whole highlighted area lies within a single island of walkability.

The Hierarchy of Japanese Streets categorizes the highlighted streets as follows* (with stats given for this area specifically):
Kitano Hierarchy StatsKitano Hierarchy Spectrogram
* Only a fraction (2/3?) of the Laneways are counted and highlighted (green).

Streets Hierarchy, Illustrated

Level 6, highly trafficked pedestrian streets (and steps / plaza):
Kitano Level 6 shopping street
[the following screencap from a photosphere by Michael Ni]
Weathercock House plaza from Michael Ni photosphere
This plaza has a fantastic view overlooking downtown Kobe: photosphere.

Level 5, SLOW streets (note the bollards):
Kitano Level 5 NS SLOW street
On a relatively wide SLOW street like below, hard bollards are absolutely critical for raising drivers’ perception of their own speed:
Kitano Level 5 east end

Level 4, Busy Boulevards:
Kitano Level 4 by Nishimura

Level 3, Quiet Boulevards:
Kitano Level 3 main NS boulevard

Level 2, Woonerfs and Narrow Streets:
Kitano Level 2 near Dutch HouseKitano Level 2 NS street

Level 1, Residential Laneways:
Kitano Level 1 LanewayKitano Level 1 Laneway mysterious steps


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