Kobe Ninomiya Area

Analysis of the area NE of the Sannomiya Stations, around the Ninomiya Shotengai.
Aerial 2
Above: the highlighted area in the upper-left is the Kitano Ijinkan neighborhood.  The highlighted area at the bottom is the subject area.Aerial 1
The streets above are highlighted hierarchically as follows:
– Magenta:      Covered arcades and open-air shopping streets.
– Red:             “Busy” Boulevards.
– Orange:       “Quiet” Boulevards.
– Yellow:        Woonerfs & Narrow Streets.
– Green:         Stairs and car-free Laneways.
– Purple block at bottom:  JR Sannomiya Station.
– Purple structure at top:  pedestrian bridge.

Note that the whole highlighted area comprises a single island of walkability.

The Hierarchy of Japanese Streets categorizes the highlighted streets* as follows (with stats given for this area specifically):
Hierarchy StatsHierarchy Spectrogram
*The north-south streets under the elevated tracks are not included in these stats.

Streets Hierarchy, Illustrated

Level 6, Covered shopping arcades:
Level 6 Ninomiya Shotengai

Level 6, Open-air shopping street:
[this one is not fully pedestrianised, but appears to be de-facto car-free at busy times.]
Quasi Level 6 Ninomiya Center Street

Level 4, “Busy” Boulevards:
Level 4 Busy Blvd.png

Level 3, “Quiet” Boulevards:
Level 3 Quiet BlvdLevel 3 Quiet Blvd almost busyLevel 3 Quiet Blvd Ninomiya Suji Shotengai

Level 2, Woonerfs and Narrow Streets:
Level 2 shared streetsLevel 2 Woonerf coffeeLevel 2 WoonerfLevel 2 shared street looking north

Level 1, Laneways:
Level 1 Residential LanewayUnder the Tracks passeo


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